Key themes from MEF Americas 2011

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These videos, recorded by 361 Degrees, highlight the key themes from the recent MEF Americas conference - NFC, the continuing importance of SMS, mobile commerce and the unbanked - and some of the challenges and opportunities that they will bring to the mobile industry.

Interview with Andrew Bud, MEF Chairman, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer - mBlox

MEF Global Chair, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, mBlox, Andrew Bud discusses :

  • The key themes of MEF Americas 2011 keynotes: localisation, SMS, 'the unbanked' and mobile commerce.
  • How trust, privacy and respect are common global themes irrespective of the maturity of an individual market.
  • How MEF can be effective in representing all the participants of the 'mobile channel' and can knowledge-share between regions.
  • The challenges and opportunities of mobile payments and associated issues of privacy and security.


Interview with Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile Inc. President & CEO

MEF North America Chairman, President &CEO, Impact Mobile Inc and author of "The Impulse Economy" Gary Schwartz discusses:

  • Payment channels from SMS to NFC and mobile wallets.
  • The way mobile engagement is changing with the introduction of tablet and '2 screen' viewing.
  • The challenges of addressing the 'unbanked' community and the mis-conception that this is exclusively a developing market issue.
  • The reason SMS and mobile web are the current dominant channels for retailers.


Interview with Tom Purves, Visa, Senior Business Leader of Product Innovation

Tom Purves speaks at MEF Americas 2011 discussing the panel and Visa's new platform. He describes:

  • How mobile transactions need the same security and reliability as traditional card-based transactions.
  • Visa's platform and the benefits for merchants and consumers.
  • Consumers' readiness for mobile payments and the potential of the mobile channel.


Interview with Joe Lalley, MTV Networks, VP, Digital Products

Joe Lalley speaks at MEF Americas 2011 discussing the panel, MTV's strategy and:

  • Which is the 'first' and the 'second' screen and how to move consumers between them.
  • How user engagement is increased if they are able to affect the outcome of a show.
  • How to scale mobile up to the desktop environment and how they are complimentary.
  • The need for standards to make content producers' lives easier.
  • Seeing mobile as a use-case not a platform.


Interview with Johann Huber Guiterrez, Macy's & Bloomingdale's, Strategy & Product Development

Johann Huber Guiterrez speaks at MEF Americas 2011, discussing:

  • How mobile can drive retail sales and where innovation is taking place in Japan, Korea and China.
  • Adding value to traditional retail mechanisms (like catalogues) by adding mobile services like QR codes for product information, reviews, comparison and ordering.
  • How retailers can benefit from using SMS and imaging - things consumers are already familiar with and use regularly. Also, how MMS is maturing into this space.