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Nokia today announced the forthcoming availability of a number of accessories, all of which are likely to find their primary use case in a car. The CR-123 offers a flexible device mount solution, which can be attached to the dashboard or windscreen. The DC-17 and DC-20 offer in car charging via the standard 9V DC power connector and the BH-101 is an entry level Bluetooth headset, ideal for in-car hands free usage. 

Nokia CR-123

The Nokia CR-123 is universal holder, designed to be used in the car. Phones can be positioned vertically or horizontally and held in place using the three movable arms. The carrier is held in place, either on a window, or on the dashboard, using the suction based mount portion of the accessory.

The Nokia CR-123 will safely hold any device within these dimensions: length - 90 to 130mm, width - 50 to 70mm, thickness - 8-16mm) and weighing no more than 200g.

The CR-123 has a recommended retail price of €30.

Nokia CR-123

Nokia DC-17

The Nokia DC-17 is a car charger that can be used with any phone that charges via a microUSB port. The cable attached to the charging unit is 2050mm long (205cm). The unit outputs 1000 mA at 5v, allowing for fast charging (many third party car chargers out out at lower levels, which means it takes longer to charge a device and, in some cases, means devices will not charge at all). 

The sales package contains only the Nokia DC-17 unit. The recommended retail price is €10.90.

Nokia DC-17



Nokia DC-20

The Nokia DC-20 is a dual USB car charger, which can be used with any Nokia phone (or any phone charged via a microUSB port). Two devices can be charged at the same time, with both USB ports outputting 1000mA of power, allowing for fast charging.

The sales package comes with the Dual USB Charger unit (DC-20), a Nokia USB to microUSB charging and connectivity cable (CA-19C) and a Nokia USB to Nokia 2mm charging cable (CA-192C). Both of these cables are 1900mm (190cm) long. It has a recommended retail price of €14.90.

Nokia DC-20


Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-110

The Nokia BH-101 is an entry level Bluetooth headset, allowing you to make and receive calls hands free. It support multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect two phones (e.g. personal and business) to it at the same time. It is 56 x 17.4 x 8.7 mm in size, weighs 10g, and can be used for up to six hours of talk time.

It is charged using a standard Nokia 2mm charging port. In the box you'll find a user guide, a Nokia Charger (AC-11) the BH-101 headset and three sizes of ear buds. The headset is available in black and white with an approximate retail price €19.90. 

Nokia BH-110 

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