Our Mobile Planet offers smartphone ownership and usage stats

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Google, in partnership with the MMA and Ipsos, has unveiled a data set and analysis tool called Our Mobile Planet, which gives access to data and research on smartphone ownership and usage. Data includes information on adoption, consumer behaviour, smartphone activity (what people are doing on phones), commerce and advertising. The data set covers 30 countries, with a sample size of 1,000 for most countries.  

The data is of interest to the curious and industry watchers, but could also help developers make smarter decisions. For example, which markets to target for localisation, or what sort of feature to add to an application.

Here's how Google describe Our Mobile Planet:

This study is a global effort conducted in partnership by Google, Ipsos and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) to get insights about the mobile user and its mobile usage. To better understand the mobile usage, the Our Mobile Planet site provides deep dives into the search, video, social and email behaviour, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. Most of the data is set into context to the classical desktop internet to evaluate difference and similarities between these channels.

To expose some of the data collected Google have put together a tool that allows you to create graphs off the data set

For example, the graph below, created using the analysis tool, shows smartphone ownership in the 30 countries available in the Our Mobile Planet data set. The majority of countries reach between 25% and 35%, but Singapore is a notable outlier with 62% smartphone ownership:


Source / Credit: Google