The N95 8GB hits v31.0.015

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The Nokia N95 8GB has now had its v31 firmware update, too. This (the full ROM, around 130MB) went live today for unbranded phones. Estimated changes are noted below the break. The usual backup and sync precautions apply - the N95 8GB does not have UDP (user data preservation).


Backing up to memory card and then restoring afterwards seems to work well, with only a few settings and a handful of applications (low level utilities, Python apps) needing attention. This is the way I handled the v31 upgrade on my own N95 8GB, it being a relatively minor update, I figured that not a lot would change under the hood and so a complete restore would probably work....

Approximate changelog:

  • Closing of the SDK security 'hack' for jailbreaking personal devices
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements
  • Photo quality improvements (assuming same algorithm tweaks as for N95 classic v31...)
  • Better browser stability and speed improvements

Any comments or additions?

Steve Litchfield, All About Symbian, 20 Jan 09

v31 active on the N95 8GB