Minor updates to Nokia Maps and QML Store

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Another day, another update or two - ho hum... Strictly for those you actually need them, but meriting a quick mention in passing, there are bug fix updates out today to Nokia Maps for Symbian Belle (available via the Store) and to the beta QML Store client for Symbian^3/Anna, fixing a specific 'black screen' error on installation (i.e. if it's working for you, you don't need the fix). 

Via ZOMGit'sCJ:

Nokia Maps for Symbian Belle, which is available from Nokia Store, has received a minor update bringing bug fixes to the Nokia Maps & Nokia Drive apps. According to a user at the DailyMobile forums, “location details crash bug and the categories not showing within the search option have been corrected". The updated apps are versioned at nokia_maps_3_377815.08_11wk47_b04.

And QML Store client news via the Beta Labs blog.