Store QML updated again, C7 theme gift package offered

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Nokia's next-gen 'QML' implementation of its Store client continues to advance, in beta form to v3.18.036, with more fixes, as listed in the quote below. Also offered (in theory) is a set of free premium apps/themes for C7 owners - if I sound unsure then it's because our editorial C7 didn't get offered anything!

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Here's the change log from the client info page:

  • The Nokia Store backend has been updated on November 3, 2011 and the latest release of the client  is fully integrated with the backend release.
  • Fixed: ‘Debug’ option in the client has been removed. This was meant for the R&D team. Sorry for the confusion
  • Solved: Purchase option for Symbian Belle users
  • Theme Pack (Gift Package) feature is available for Nokia C7 users
    • This feature will offer a collection of premium applications at no costs to the selected users for a period of time, e.g. 30 days
    • In the Store application, the users will see the Theme Pack banner on the home view. Upon clicking on the banner, they will be linked to the Theme Pack collection

You'll need to log in to Beta Labs before downloading, of course. The client works well and installed without issues on the editorial C7.