A detailed look at Nokia Mobile Money in action

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There's a nice article by Aatif Sumar over on ZOMGit'sCJ looking in detail at Nokia Mobile Money, announced two years ago but now seemingly arrived, at least in India, as a Java application compatible with S60 3rd Edition smartphones (and presumably S40 and other devices too, right up to the latest Symbian handsets).

From the article:

"Today, we take you through the Nokia Money client for S60v3, and the various transactions you can do with it. In the future, the Nokia Money app will come preinstalled in all Nokia devices in India. However, to install the client on your current Nokia phone one simply has to visit a Nokia Priority Dealer in your locality. As of now, online installation of the app is not possible.

We are unsure of exactly what type of application it is, whether Java or Symbian, as the app has parts in Java and parts in Native Symbian. Either way, it was smooth and easy to use. On installation, you are provided with an introduction to Nokia Money. As we had already registered for a Nokia Money account, entering our number made the app recognize us. Otherwise it helps you find a Nokia Money agent."

Nokia Mobile Money has three main functions. To send money between Nokia Mobile Money accounts, to pay bills and to recharge pay-as-you-go mobile phone numbers. It's true that all these functions have been commonplace in the Western world for a while, even over smartphones, but Nokia Mobile Money is effectively a self-contained system and doesn't require the user to have a credit card or bank account or computer, making it perfect for users in developing areas with just a phone - and nothing else.

Aatif concludes with the titbit that "Another interesting fact is that this service can be used on ANY brand of mobile phone via SMS commands", again adding to availability for people where even a S60 3rd Edition smartphone might be hard to come by.

See lots of screenshots in the full article.