Joikuspot Premium as a gift - Full Internet Wi-fi tethering hits the Nokia E52, E55 and E72

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Thanks to Yash for the heads-up that Nokia has added the much-respected Joikuspot Premium to its 'Gift' section in the Ovi Store for some S60 3rd Edition phones, the E52, E55 and E72. Screenshot proof below - essentially, Joikuspot Premium turns your phone into a full Wifi-tethering solution for hooking up your tablet and laptop. The usually free 'Lite' version is restricted to just 'http' traffic (i.e. web browsing), so it's great to see this full solution, also without cost.

To see this 'gift' and others, go into the Ovi Store on your E52, E55 or E72 and have a browse through the offered 'premium apps' section:

Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshot Screenshot


Most people will find some gifts of interest - I grabbed four on my E72....! Well done to Nokia and (in this case) Joiku for arranging the giveaway.

Steve, AAS