The A-Z of Ovi Store applications

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What a great idea - step through the alphabet and pick the best Symbian application starting with that letter. And, impressively, every letter has a great suggestion here in 'The Essential A-Z of Nokia Apps', from Angry Birds to Zuma. Well worth a quick scan - maybe you can come up with better suggestion here and there?

From the article:

D is for…Dictionary and Translation Pro

The great thing about this app is that it supports loads of different languages, from Hindi to Arabic to Spanish! It is also regularly updated keeping it fresh and up-to-date

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E is for…E-buddy

An IM client with nearly 15 million users worldwide and it’s free. Enough said!

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F is for…Fruit Ninja

It was Fruit Ninja or Farm Frenzy 2, we went for Fruit Ninja, just – simply for the great amount of satisfaction we still get from slashing, swiping and dicing our way through a delicious fruit combo. A genuine classic

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The number of great applications in the Ovi Store is constantly overlooked by the mainstream tech press. And doubters may also want to read through my "App for App: iOS versus Symbian and Nokia's Ovi Store" from March, which tried to match the best from the iPhone world with offerings from the Symbian one...