Nokia Software Updater for Mac debuts in beta

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For almost all aspects of smartphone-desktop connectivity, Mac owners haven't been too disadvantaged. In fact, some aspects (e.g. PIM sync) are arguably a lot better under Mac OS X. However, a notable hole in overall functionality has been being able to check for firmware updates and install them over a microUSB cable. Yes, 'Over the air' updates are usually sufficient, but it's good to have a second source of vital software improvements. Nokia Beta Labs just released a Mac version of their Software Update tool and I've been trying it out. Screens and links below.

From the blog post on Beta Labs:

Today we have released Nokia Software Updater for Mac to share with the Nokia Beta Labs community. It's a simple application for getting the latest device software updates. This release candidate is still in the development phase, and the plan is to keep the trial ongoing until further notice. We will release updates here based on the feedback we receive (critical improvements will be prioritized), but would also like to gather improvement ideas for future releases.

 Installing is a simple matter of opening up the .pkg file and running through a standard installer set of dialogs:

NSU for Mac 

Nokia Software Update starts quickly and connects to a phone in 'PC Suite' mode. There's a transitional error dialog from Mac OS as it doesn't initially recognise this mode for a wired accessory, but then you're into traditional NSU territory and can check for updates:

NSU for Mac


Thankfully, it seems that at least one of my smartphones has new firmware available for it:

Flashing the N97


Firmware flashing went smoothly, though I did notice some oddities about this utility:

  • the map and Ovi Store panels are only available from within the 'new firmware' section of the utility - you'd have thought these would be on the main NSU menu?
  • despite my N97 having numerous items available in the on-device 'Sw_update' app, they're not shown in NSU (yet)

Probably just teething troubles. Still, looks good so far! You can download Nokia Software Update for Mac here, after signing into Beta Labs.

Steve Litchfield, 16 Mar 2011