Pixelpipe Send and Share nears major update

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The next version of Pixelpipe's social media sharing agent, Send and Share, has reached its final version, and is awaiting approval on the Ovi Store. For a number of months, the Pixelpipe team have been working hard on developing the Send and Share client, regularly sending test versions out to their beta testing mailing list. In a message to testers from CEO Brett Butterfield, this pre-release pattern will be changing and less frequent updates will be sent to testers.

Unfortunately for Pixelpipe users, the Ovi approval process can take up to several weeks. However, Pixelpipe are supplying a direct download link - download by clicking here.

There is a significant list of updates to this new version of Send and Share:

  • Option for prompted uploads after capture of photos and video
  • Ability to set scaling factor for photos at the time of upload or as a default value under Pixelpipe/Options
  • Option for automatic "zero click" uploading of new photos & videos after capture. Note: This option is now under Pixelpipe/Option/Settings/Advanced
  • Automatic prompting for OTA application updates

In his Email to the beta testing group, Brett Butterfield stated:

"We've decided not to pre-release betas ongoing and will be only introducing them to testers just in advance of release. This is the only build you can expect to see for sometime now, we hope you love it!"


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 7th December 2010