Symbian Podcatcher updates for all platforms

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Symbian Podcatcher, the Open Source project to provide podcast collection and playback (and especially useful on many Eseries phones and the new Symbian^3 devices that lack Nokia Podcasting), has received updates across the board. The Symbian^3 build has received a minor update to 1.0.9, while the Symbian^1 (a.k.a. S60 5th Edition) and S60 3rd Edition builds have received more major updates, to v1.0.32 and 1.0.1 respectively. Read on for the download link and a brief comment.

You can download Symbian Podcatcher here and I'd urge you to get involved in any bug reporting (should there be any left!)...


Podcatcher page screengrab

I've been using Podcatcher on the N8 for the last month and have had very few glitches with my range of feeds. Podcasts do get tagged as such for Nokia Music player to pick up and handle, but I've been having to manually 'refresh library' if I want to do down that route - it's actually easier to just play the podcasts from within Podcatcher.

Steve, AAS, 13th Nov 2010