Pixelpipe Send and Share

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David Gilson reviews the free Pixelpipe Send and Share, the new incarnation of the popular uploading service that works independently of Nokia's Share online and thus works more seamlessly, using a wider range of file types and (presumably) on more devices. It's all win, win, win until David points out a few caveats, including less flexible authentication and a greater need to do some of the set up using your desktop's web browser.

"Pixelpipe is an established choice when it comes to publishing content from Symbian phones to a multitude of content outlets. For the uninitiated, when a user signs up, they add Pipes through which they can send content to any of the monumental list of 110 supported services; including social networks, blogging platforms, photo and video sharing sites. For status-based services like Twitter and Google Buzz, users can even specify which services will host images and videos (e.g. Twitpic and YouTube). In most cases, users will have their content published via either Twitter or Facebook, where a bespoke short-code pi.pe URL directs readers to users' multimedia content."

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