Support extravaganza - part 1!

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Thanks to my kind editor at Smartphone Essentials magazine, he's let me republish a truck load of my own Q&A mini-articles from 2009's issues right here on All About Symbian. I've been adding these to our Support section (what do you mean, you didn't know we had one?) and a summary of the questions in part 1 of my big update is listed below, with links. All part of keeping AAS a definitive resource!

That's one very large file!

Q. I have recently been doing a clean up on my microSD card and have come across a very large file in one directory: /private/101ffc31/glxmdstn. My PC doesn't recognize it and it isn't visible in my phone's file browser. The file is a whopping 140MB. What purpose does it have? Is it safe to delete it? Maybe it's obsolete data?

Q. I'm having problems with my Nokia S60 3rd Edition-powered E75, which I've had for almost a year. First of all, the available space on its internal disk has been dwindling and is now down to 10MB or so. I thought I'd try taking your oft-given advice and backup/wipe/restore, but File manager>Backup is giving me a 'Memory full' error, even though it's the only thing running! Help!

Q. I like having my Calendar appointments show up on the homescreen of my Nokia N97, but it's hard to get a feel for my busy life when only two appointments are shown. Can I adjust the font to show more entries?

Q. How do I turn off the auto-application of the 'keyguard' on S60 5th Edition phones like the 5800 XpressMusic?

Q. I'm utterly bamboozled by the way the screen of my Nokia touchscreen phone goes black and unresponsive when I make or receive a phone call, giving me no chance of switching on speakerphone or entering tones. I've tried updating the firmware and resetting it, to no avail - the moment a call is made, the screen goes blank immediately. And then returns to normal after the call. Can you help?

Q. I've got a Nokia S60 5th Edition phone and have a wierd problem. Everything works fine apart from dialogs which have tabs in them. Here, my taps on each tab have no effect and I'm effectively restricted to just the first tab. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

Q. Music player on my old Nokia smartphone seems to have developed a few glitches. The main problem seems to be that some 'albums', synced across from Windows Media Player have duplicated track entries. If I try to play these ghost tracks I just get an exclamation mark and Music player skips ahead to the next one. How can I clean things up?

Q. I've subscribed to over a dozen podcasts on my old Nokia smartphone and now want to get the same shows set up on my new one. But most of them aren't in Nokia's Podcasting directory - I've built up my favourites over quite some time and really don't want to have to type in all the URLs all over again. Isn't there a quick way?

Q. In an attempt to work out why my microSD card was full, I connected my smartphone to my Mac in 'Disk Transfer' mode. Aha - I found a load (Gigabytes!) of old music files from when I used to sync my phone with a Windows PC. I then deleted the root directory containing all these files and.... it seems that the disk is still full! Obviously, there's something going wrong in the counting, but what, and how do I fix it?

Q. How can I save images from web pages using the built-in S60 browser?

Q. I'm trying to set up some repeated entries in S60 Calendar, to remind me of various weekly chores, but even though I mark them in the dialog as repeated 'Weekly', after pressing 'Done' they get changed back to 'Not repeated'. What's going on?

Q. My daughter set an image from my gallery as 'Wallpaper' on my S60 phone and now I can't seem to get rid of it. I've tried changing the theme (including using the default one) and rebooting. What am I missing?

Q. I need to copy web addresses that I discover and paste them into a Content Management System (CMS) for my blog. Can this be done in Symbian Web?

Q. Having bought the Nokia 5800, with its central feature being the large touchscreen, I'm dumbfounded that there was no Sketch utility included, to take advantage of it. Where's the missing functionality? I've got nothing to use the supplied stylus for drawing!

Q. I'm having problems with the GPS on my Nokia smartphone - sometimes it will lock in a few seconds and other times, usually while driving, it can take tens of minutes. What's wrong? The only oddity is that I don't have a SIM card in it - I have a cheap throw-it-around phone and use the phone as a PDA, Wi-Fi Internet appliance, music player and camera. And sat-nav - when it's working!

Keeping my place in Podcasting

Q. I've been experimenting with Nokia's Podcasting application and gradually finding some Internet podcasts that I really enjoy. I have a question though. If I interrupt playback of a long podcast to go back to the main directory in order to check for updates to other podcasts, the application loses my place and I have to guess where I got to, which can be very frustrating. Surely it's not supposed to work this way?

Q. Having bought the Nokia 5800, partly for its innovative contact-centric homescreen, I can't believe how hard the contact feeds are to set up. It seems as thought the set-up wizard wants me to look up and type in each feed for each contact by hand, using the on-screen keyboard. Surely there's got to be a better way?

Q. How do I reset the list of words in the predictive text system? I've got a few annoying typos in my phone!

Q. I've got a friend with a Nokia 5800 and his device has all manner of whizzy screen transitions whereas my 5800 doesn't. I can't find a setting for this anywhere, however much I delve into the 5800's menus. Does it depend on where we got our 5800s from?

Steve Litchfield, AAS, 24 August 2010