Silverlight arrives for the S60 Browser

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Microsoft’s browser-based app framework Silverlight is now available for Symbian S60 5th edition devices. Popping up in the Ovi Store, "the .Net framework allows for applications to run in the browser over multiple devices, operating systems and browsers". The easiest way to get Silverlight installed is to head to the Bing example app (here or here). If you need the runtime installed, you’ll be offered just the link, which takes you to the Ovi Store.

 Bing (Silverlight) in the S60 Browser

One tap on the “Download” button later, and with Silverlight installed (hint, this might be a nice time to make yourself a cup of tea), you can return to the Bing app page to find the sort of whizzy website that some journalists call “rich multimedia".


Bing (Silverlight) in the S60 Browser

Bing (Silverlight) in the S60 Browser

The question now is what sort of use is the runtime going to be put to – will it simply allow access to generic Silverlight websites and activities, will developers start working on dedicated S60 applications and widgets using the runtime, is something more wild and wacky going to arrive… or will this just be a tickbox in the compatibility chart that everyone ignores?

Time will tell. Of course, the fortunes of this runtime are tied to the success of Silverlight as a whole, but this isn’t the Microsoft Kin, so there is support out there.

More information can be found at Microsoft’s Silverlight Symbian page, including an alternative link to download the runtime, developer tools and links to the Bing Silverlight app.