My Top 10 Reasons for Staying with Symbian

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I was asked a very good question last week: "Why do you stay with Symbian when there's a world of wonder with iPhone and Android?" I have to admit to finding a number of positives in these other platforms, sometimes accompanied by positives in their hardware, but it's true that I do keep coming back to Symbian as the OS powering my smartphone-of-choice. Investigating my own leanings and trying to justify them, here are the top 10 reasons why I stay with Symbian.

"Note that my aim in writing this article wasn't to state my membership of the Symbian fan-club, but to honestly give a reason for my personal preference for Symbian-powered phones today and in the past. What of the future? None of the above reasons are going away, though the rise and rise of the little green robot and 'Big Brother' iPhone OS are at least giving me cause to glance across the rest of the smartphone world."

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