Review: Spotify Premium

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David Gilson dips into his wallet to subscribe to the tenner-a-month Spotify Premium, giving him streaming and download access to just about all the DRM-ed music he'd ever want from Spotify's servers. Is it ultimately worth it and how good (or limited) is the mobile (S60) client? Find out in David's detailed Spotify Premium review.

"The streaming music service , Spotify, occupies an interesting position in the online music market, standing between the world of purchased DRM-free music, and obtaining free music from less legitimate sources. Spotify makes it so simple to start listening to the music you want to hear, that pirated music finally has some competition.

For zero-cost to the end user there is a desktop-only client, supported by advertising. Then the premium subscription of £10 a month gets rid of the adverts, lets you listen at higher bit rates, and lets you download content for offline listening. Furthermore, and of most interest to readers of All About Symbian, the premium service provides a mobile application which synchronises your playlists to your phone and allows you to stream or download on the move."

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