AAS Video podcast 37: Visit to Nokia's Test Centre in Farnborough

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On November 19th, I and a couple of other guest journalists were invited to spend the day at Nokia's Testing Labs at Farnborough, UK, being given a tour of the facilities and numerous demonstrations along the way. The aim was to spread the word about how rigorously Nokia test their handsets' hardware and on that front I was extremely impressed. 

This video podcast is compiled with footage from the tour (taken on the N93 and N82, for those that are interested) and will let anyone who's interested spend 35 minutes or so being 'on the tour' with me. Light and noise conditions weren't ideal in some of the labs, but you can still clearly see and hear what was going on. Enjoy.

(If the embedding below doesn't work for you then here's the direct (and slightly higher resolution) web-watch URL: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1683931603521695595&hl=en)

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Show Notes

Did you know:

  • Kevin Smith, Rob Johnson and their team 'break' around 2000 production handsets PER MODEL tested. Staggering.
  • Each model has to pass over 200 different mechanical tests.
  • Temperature testing takes place from -40 Centigrade to +85 Centigrade, a 135 degree range!
  • The slow-motion camera used to film the drop tests runs at 100,000 frames per second, 2000 times faster than TV...
  • Nokia test phone keys, d-pads and other moving parts up to a million times. Each, i.e. per physical phone.

Seeing what all Nokia's handsets have to go through in order to be approved for production gave me a new respect for the reliability and reputation of its hardware. Watch the video if you think I'm easily swayed.....

Special thanks again to Ray Haddow of Nokia for putting the tour together. Look out for more information from the test labs tour on AAS soon.

Steve Litchfield

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