Four years on from that MWC announcement!

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Guest writer Stuart Cutts writes: Mobile World Congress 2016 is now here and, as usual, Rafe will be treading mile upon mile of the show floor to get an insight into the latest and greatest in the smartphone world. A number of 'special' announcements – be it from LG, Samsung and others, will be making the MWC headlines. But for many Symbian and camera phone enthusiasts it will take something very special to get close to the announcement that happened 4 years ago – of the Nokia 808 Pureview. Not just 41 megapixels, not just that huge sensor, but the last device for Symbian which, at the time, was everything and more I wanted in a smartphone. For some then the 808 is still be used in 2016, testament to the many qualities of the device.

Stuart carries on: Many of us will remember the announcement, the interviews with Damian Dinning and the demonstrations. Wanting to see all three colours, then waiting for availability and wondering if the device could be as good as it looked.

While we are on memory lane, this is how AAS reported the day and Rafe and Steve also discussed MWC 2012 in Podcast 205.

What are your memories of the announcement, the device and the 808?! As always comments and memories welcomed!

Stuart Cutts

Nokia 808 PureView