Lightbulb, a client for Facebook Chat and Google Talk

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Anyone here use Facebook Chat or Google Talk? Or indeed any other XMPP-based service? Have a look at Lightbulb, a relatively new IM client for Symbian that never made it to the Nokia Store back in the 'day' but which is now available widely through the new AppList Store instead.

From the Store description:

Lightbulb is an instant messenger which supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk and other XMPP-based services. It was initially based on MeegIM.

- sending, receiving messages
- lots of customization options
- notifications (info banner in app, discreet popup, notification led, vibration, and sound)
- multiple account support
- widget
- roster management
- VCard (partially, can read, can't write)
- archive

Now, I should point out that I have no use for any of this personally, but I'm happy to present the app, as seen in AppList, for those that are interested:


The new apps in AppList keep on coming - and surprising me; (right) looking through Lightbulb's full feature list....


The download section shows this to be available in two versions, depending on whether you're running custom firmware or not - if the former, then there's an 'unsigned' version with more capabilities and integration.


Hangouts? Does this really mean that Symbian phones can interact with Google Hangouts? Comments welcome if you've tried this; (right) the homescreen widget.


A chat in progress and (right) the developer showcasing the system pop-ups (if you've installed the version with full capabilities!)

You can download Lightbulb for free within AppList (see here just in case you haven't already got this installed or if this is new to you).

Source / Credit: AppList