Tetri-Bricks surprisingly playable... in 58kb!

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Ah yes, anyone else remember the days when apps and games used to be measured in KILObytes, not megabytes? Tetri-Bricks here, new in the Nokia Store, caught my eye by a) being a Tetris clone and b) being absolutely tiny. The gameplay's not bad either, albeit being with no frills whatsoever.

From the Store description:

Tetri-Bricks is a tetris-like game. Anyone who will try this game will completely love it! If you play logic games like "Tetris", "Trism" or "Flow", you will have fun playing this game.

  • Beautiful screen
  • Simple operation
  • Great game experience.

Gameplay is pretty good - you can toggle on or off displaying the next piece after the current one, plus the blocks gradually start to fall faster and faster - this is classic Tetris with no frills. The controls are all on-screen, with 'up' rotating the blocks, as we used to do on d-pad driven games, back in the day....(!)


You can buy Tetri-Bricks for £1 in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store