Production Nokia Suite gets updated

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I've resisted the temptation to keep reporting on Nokia Suite betas, but updates to the production track are still noteworthy. Nokia Suite works with all of Nokia's Symbian smartphones, past and present, over USB or Bluetooth, and newer is almost certainly better, with vague mentions of improvements to reliability from Nokia in delivering v3.8.48 (the previous was 3.8.30).

Here's the notification that you should look out for on your Windows PC:

Nokia Suite update

Although I'd recommend you update, don't expect earth-shattering changes - Nokia Suite now has hooks into Microsoft's 'cloud' as well as local desktop sync options, aimed at helping Nokia users transition to Windows Phone and it's likely that the bug fixes are in this area. The update only takes about 30 seconds to apply though (the days of ten minute installs are thankfully over!), so why not?

The opening screen of the front-and-centre upgrade wizard.... No mention of what you'll do when you get TO Lumia in regards to replicating some of the unique functions of Symbian, mind you(!)


Note also that there are significant restrictions on what gets upgraded - repeating Calendar items and full resolution photos can't be transferred, for example.