ThOR gains support for multiple services, E6 login fixes, Readability and TTS

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More big new Symbian application news: since our first ThOR coverage a few weeks ago, the developer hasn't been idle, with a big new release now available that ropes in extra RSS aggregator services (rather belying its name, but....!), plus a 'readability' feature, Text To Speech, and a bevy of fixes and tweaks. See below for the full changelog!

The changelog for this new version of ThOR, v1.0.2, is:

  • Multiserver client, now supports TheOldReader, Bazqux, InoReader and any other Google API-compatible servers
  • Fixed issue: username first letter auto uppercase. Skype users, take care with the first letter!
  • Fixed issue: username extra whitespace when tapped from word predictor
  • Help text on search about scope
  • 1.5sec delay on subscriptions page back button, to avoid accidental exit of the application
  • Support for 'Starred' items if the server allows this (The Old Reader doesn't)
  • 'Readability clean up of articles' button in item page
  • TTS voice playback of articles in item page
  • Fixed issue: E6 unable to login

Here's the new version of ThOR in action on my Nokia E7:

Screenshot, ThORScreenshot, ThOR

ThOR's new opening screen, showing the '+' toolbar button for adding new services - with the predefined choices shown on the right. You can add other servers if you know the correct Google Reader API URls etc.

Screenshot, ThORScreenshot, ThOR

Setting up login details for InoReader too; (right) the familiar display of feeds and unread items....

Screenshot, ThORScreenshot, ThOR

Diving into a feed and then a story looks the same at first, but then notice the icons next to the stry headline, above right. The blue sharing icon doesn't seem active yet, but the other two are - the bottom one with the small speaker overlay is for TTS, Text To Speech - tap this and the story is read aloud!

Screenshot, ThORScreenshot, ThOR

The red 'armchair' icon is for 'Readability' and retrieves the source page for the story and formats it inline within ThOR, with just the text and images you need (and none of the ads and page bloat of the original URL)... 

Interestingly, you can combine the new modes, i.e. bring up the Readability view of the full article and then set TTS going - if you're driving, for example, or doing chores, this might be a very useful means of converting something long into audio form?

You can grab ThOR for £1 yourself here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store