Instagraph Uploader (for Instagram), basic, limited, but works

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Apparently, Instagram is a big deal and very popular in the mobile world, but as ever, the cynic in me asks why anyone would want to take a lovely 5MP or 8MP Nokia-shot photo and only share it as a heavily filtered ultra-low-res VGA square thumbnail? But if this sounds like something you want to try then we did note the appearance in the Nokia Store of Instagraph Uploader. Just don't get your hopes up too high....

From the description on the Nokia Store:

Upload and share your pictures to Instagram directly from your device. The only unofficial Instagram client on the market that let you share your pictures to all your Instagram followers.

Main features ( 

  • account creation 
  • sign in on Instagram 
  • select a picture from your albums
  • add @your #tags 
  • change profile picture 
  • check the status of any image upload on the history page.

Here are a few screens of Instagraph Uploader in action:

Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

Installed and ready in a Symbian app menu; (right) logging into Instagram - this is something you can do on the mobile web site, but only so that your social contacts' photos can be served up - there's no upload facility in Web etc. Instagraph Uploader seems to use the official Instagram uploading system, apparently through an intermediate cloud server.


Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

The bare bones interface, one tab for the uploading form, one somewhat underused to confirm your status....

Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

As the name suggests, this is an uploader only, so it's straight into picking a photo to share, picking a 'filter' and optionally adding a comment. Sadly, there's no visual picker, so you have to work from navigating your raw folder and file names.

Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

At no point do you see the photo you're about to upload, let alone the 'filtered' version....

Many thanks to 'prototipo' for their assistance in compiling this news item. As prototipo notes to me, a commercial rate £3 for this ultra basic uploader is somewhat outrageous [though see the developer's comments below in Disqus]. One can only hope that the developer will upgrade the utility, and quickly. In its defense, are there any other ways to upload photos to Instagram? Comments and suggestions welcome!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store