Lastest Nokia ringtones from Nokia Design Team on SoundCloud

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The Nokia Design Team has opened an account on audio sharing service SoundCloud in order to provide easier access to Nokia related sounds. Collections of various Nokia sounds are available from the standard sounds (ringtone, alerts, and sound effects), to the music used in Nokia adverts, and a collection of regional ringtones.

All the sounds can be played back in the browser and many of the original files are also available for downloaded. If desired, the downloaded files can be added to a Symbian device as custom ringtones, but do note that some of the sounds are already included as part of the out-of-the-box collection.

That said some of the versions available on SoundCloud are more recent that the versions that shipped with even the most recent Symbian devices, so they may still be worthwhile downloading if you want to the bring the Nokia sounds on your smartphone bang up to date.

Here's the profile description from the Nokia Design Team's SoundCloud page:

Hello! Welcome to the official account of the Nokia Design Team. We will be updating this page with lots of great sounds for you to enjoy, from device sounds such as the latest Core Brand Sounds (including the new and improved Nokia Tune!), to a selection of music tracks that have been used for advertising our devices.

Here's an embed showcasing the Nokia Core Sounds 2013, including an updated version of the Nokia Tune, the Nokia Startup sound, standard Nokia Message tone, and more:

Custom ringtones and alerts on Symbian

Custom sounds can be set using the Profiles app (Settings-> Profiles). The default ringtone, message alert tone, and video call tone can be customised for each profile. It is also possible to specify a custom ringtone for a specific person in the Contacts application.

Custom sounds should be placed in the C:/Sounds/Simple (internal memory) or the E:/Sounds/Simple (mass memory) folder. Symbian can pick up sounds files from other locations, but the Sounds/Simple location should prevent the custom sounds from being listed in Music Player application.