Gravity to add Fever and The Old Reader, 'maybe' Feedly

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Popular premium Symbian application Gravity is intended to get replacement functionality to fill the hole left by the demise of Google Reader, it seems. Jan Ole Suhr, Gravity's author, is apparently on holiday but is planning to add support for extra RSS/news services Fever and TheOldReader 'soon', with Feedly as a 'maybe'. For all Gravity heads, using the application as their social, news and video hub, this will be welcome news, though I'd guess it'll be August before we see Gravity updated.


Gravity isn't just a 'Twitter' client, as its fans know well. I'd expect to see at least two, maybe three additions to the services list in a version fairly soon...

The news from Jan Ole comes in a tweet:

"I'm on a short vacation,  but I hope to add Fever and TheOldReader to Gravity soon" and then "Feedly would be cool as well, but it uses Oauth (afaik) which is a problem for older S60v3 phones :-(".

Without wishing to incur the wrath of S60 3rd Edition users, I'd suggest that he implement Feedly anyway, and make it compatible with S60 5th Edition and above. What do you think?

Source / Credit: Twitter