FP2 extra homescreen pack comes to Belle Refresh too

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You may remember that around two months ago we had a batch of five new homescreen widgets deployed through SW Update to Belle Feature Pack 2-powered phones? I did do a spot on getting these unofficially onto older Symbian Belle Refresh devices (N8, E7, etc.), but no need to hack around now, because Nokia/Accenture is rolling these out officially. You'lll gain (up to) five new widgets, including a stopwatch and mirror facility(!) and - hey - they all work on the Nokia E6 now, without formatting glitches.

Just to recap, the new homescreen widgets available on the Symbian Belle Refresh homescreen are:

  • Webview widget - showing a window onto any live web site of your choice. And yes, you can have multiple Webview widgets on multiple pages, if needed - they refresh whenever that homescreen is viewed.
  • Mirror widget - designed for people to check their faces (etc.), effectively a shortcut to an embedded 'front camera' utility, with QVGA 'capture' (yes, yes, low. The hardware supports VGA on most devices, but for some reason software for the front camera only has access to the lower resolution). 
  • Toggle Flashlight - as it sounds, turns the LED flash light on as a torch - presumably for those who haven't discovered the keylock toggle long press shortcut for this - or who want to get the torch on NOW and not in five seconds time 8-) Note that this isn't available for the Nokia N8, as it obviously doesn't have a LED to light up(!)
  • Stopwatch - as it sounds, a quick and useful 'instant stopwatch', with just pause and stop controls
  • Contact Communication - a one-touch way to phone or message a favourite contact - tapping on the body of the thumbnail brings up the contact record in the usual way

The widget pack is nominally identical in version number to the one served up for Belle FP2, though I did note some tweaking to the Contact Communication widget and Mirror shortcut, in that they now look 'right' on the VGA-screened Nokia E6.

You can check for these on your device (N8, E7, C7, C6-01, E6, X7) by going into SW_Update and letting it refresh. Note, as usual, that this is part of a rollout, so don't panic if the widgets aren't shown for your phone immediately.

Screenshot    Screenshot

Note that the slight corruption in the number display in the Stopwatch here is due to my E6 having custom firmware at the moment. It should look fine on stock firmware. Honest!

Screenshot, New widgetsScreenshot, New widgets

Installing and displaying the new widgets on a nHD-screened device. Note the Webview window - you can have more than one of these scattered around your homescreens.