Confederations 2013 Guide arrives just in time for the event

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Never heard of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup? Then you're not the target audience for this useful quick reference application for Symbian, covering the essentials of this Brazil-hosted football precursor to the 2014 World Cup. And it starts this week, making it perfect timing for me to mention the Symbian companion app, with screenshots and link below.

Here's the guide in action:


A simple enough main menu, though arguably everything the focussed football fan needs? ; (right) the news section pulls in headlines from official football news sites...


...and, impressively, offers these in five different languages (tapping through opens up the appropriate web site in the Symbian browser, i.e. an external app is launched); (right) once a match has started, a timeline of major incidents is maintained and updated - almost like being there, eh? Well, maybe not....


As you'd expect, the timetable for the tournament (to be updated for the latter stages, of course) and brief venue rundown are included.

A decent online guide, though note that this isn't freeware, as you perhaps might expect, it's £1 in the Nokia Store. Hardly likely to break the bank, mind you.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store