Nokia Windows Phone 808 successor camera flagship sightings

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We've been talking about the 'EOS', the probable codename for Nokia's 808 PureView successor (but running Windows Phone 8) for sometime and with a possible launch in Autumn 2013. It was therefore only a matter of time before photos of some kind leaked out - in fact, we now have images online from two sources and they match, confirming that the device pictured is real. Do note the 'unconfirmed' flag on this story though - obviously there's nothing official to report on as yet.

The PureView Club was my original source for the links, so I'll quote from his piece here:

It looks like the first shots of the ”Nokia EOS” are now leaked through a Chinese website, WPDang. There’s not much else I can do but to copy and the shots that appear to have been made somewhere down the assembly line.

And I’ll advise you to check the link and translate the Chinese into English – or whatever language you prefer. You will see shots of what looks like to be the Nokia EOS alone and next to a grey Nokia Lumia 920. You’ll see there is a lot of space for the sensor...




...Another shot surfaces! And i have to admit this is getting me really excited! Remarkable it says XX MP, where we would expect 41, right? And it looks like @evleaks has a new competitor in@ViziLeaks… I feel quite sure Nokia is disgusted by leaks like these. Still don’t get it why there is XX on the lens: could this be a planned leak?


The photos do look authentic and the last, crisp shot from a different source matches up perfectly. It's still not clear whether the camera unit will be identical to that in the Nokia 808 PureView, but it's likely to be comparable. The 'XX' labelling for the camera is standard practice for Nokia in its prototype, both for model numbers/names and camera specifications - I've owned several Nokia NXX devices, for example(!)

As expected, and just as on the 808 PureView (running Symbian), there's a Xenon flash and LED auto-focus assist and video light. So, in a sense, no real surprises, though it's good to see the leaks confirming the suspicions that Rafe and I have had for six months.

The size of the 'hump' on the back of the (alleged) EOS looks about the same size as that on the 808 PureView. Yes, it sticks out, but then it reminds you that the device you're holding is special, every single time you pick it up. The 808 feels great in the hand and I'm sure this will too.

Update: GSMArena has more photos, i.e. from a third source, adding extra authenticity to the design/existence.

Source / Credit: PureView Club