Power up with the Nokia DC-18 Universal Portable USB Charger

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At the same time as announcing the new Asha 501 handset, Nokia quietly unveiled the latest addition to its accessory line up, the Nokia DC-18Universal Portable USB Charger. The accessory, which can be used to recharge any device with a microUSB charging port, comes in a variety of colours (cyan, white, red, and yellow), and has a capacity of 1720 mAh.

The DC-18 is really intended to be matched with the Nokia Asha 501, just as the Nokia DC-16, with it higher capacity battery (2200mAh), is intended to be paired with Nokia's Lumia devices, but everyone will have their own preferred styling and combination. The square form factor and relatively svelte size (57 x 57 x 14.9mm) of the DC-16 makes it an ideal candidate to live in a bag or coat pocket, ready for those inevitable recharging emergencies.

Charging is activated by pulling out the microUSB cable, and stops when you return the cable to its storage position. Pulling out the cable also causes the battery symbol in the centre of the device to light up, showing how much power is left in the charger's battery. The DC-18's internal battery can be recharged using any standard microUSB wall charger.

Given its capacity, the DC-18 is best suited to providing a quick top up, rather than a full recharge, although for devices with smaller batteries, such as the Nokia Lumia 620, it should just about stretch to providing a single full recharge from empty.

The DC-18 will go on sale in July, in select Middle East, African, Asian and European markets, for an estimated price of around €15 (before taxes).

Nokia DC-16

Key specifications

  • Weight: 65g
  • Size: 57 x 57 x 14.9mm
  • Battery capacity: 1720 mAh

Source / Credit: Nokia