SuperSexyPuzzle adds a frisson to the standard 'Puzzle 15'

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Ah yes, any excuse to put more bikinis on AAS.... The appallingly cheesily named 'SuperSexyPuzzle' turns out to have slightly more merit than I thought it would, plus you can rest assured that all the ladies pictured do in fact keep their clothes well and truly on. Worth £1? Yes, if you like the classic sliding tile puzzles, and you'll have more fun assembling these than pictures of flower pots or bicycles...

Here's the game in action:


Left and right nudge arrows switch between the 80 or so images, all work and family-safe(ish) - some seem to be scanned in and the issue of copyright did cross my mind once or twice. Still, here we are... The 'Photo Gallery' option lets you browse the original images full-screen, should you want to.


Once underway, the selected photo is scrambled in typical 'Puzzle 15' style (and it really is random, it'll be different every time) and then it's tap to slide in the usual way. And yes, these puzzles are harder than they look. A good ten minutes or so for each one, I'd think. The number of moves taken is shown on the left, but not actually recorded by the game, which is something of a missed opportunity.


The Help icon ('?') brings up the original image, side by side, in case you're not sure what goes where. As usual with these puzzles, the tricky bit is getting the last few bits of the background into place!


As you'll see from the example above, many of the images are resampled at play-time into the square format, resulting in some rather squished ladies. More care should have been taken by the developer to start with squarish images...


And if all the glamour is too much for you, there's a simple numeric version to calm you down...

All sex and no substance? Not quite, though there's plenty more the developer could do here to apply gameplay polish as opposed to nail polish (ahem, I'll get my coat...)

You can buy (again, shame about the name, though it is at least descriptive!) SuperSexyPuzzle for £1 here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store