Gravity (beta) gets Facebook and Twitter compatibility hot fixes

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Another week, another Gravity update, this time to fix compatibility with Facebook login API changes and with Twitter Direct Message deleting. Sigh. When will companies stop fiddling with their public APIs? Gravity 2.82 build 7289 is available within the alpha/beta track inside the app ('Info and updates') or you can grab it directly here.

From Jan Ole Suhr:

"Just uploaded Build 7289 with a hot-fix for the Facebook login problem and a fix for deleting DMs ... "

Here's the new build in action:

Screenshot GravityScreenshot Gravity

Just updated! Note the various changelogs confirmed in the 'Info and updates' pane within the application; deleting a Twitter DM working just fine...

Screenshot GravityScreenshot Gravity

Logged in happily to Facebook too - you saw my Facebook client round-up a few days ago?

The activity needed by Jan Ole Suhr each month to keep Gravity fully up to date with the online services it connects to is somewhat frightening. On most other platforms this is a huge vote in favour of first party clients; on Symbian, raise a glass to Jan Ole and, if you haven't bought Gravity at £6.71 yet, go do so now, it's the way he gets paid!

Source / Credit: Twitter