Four Easter Eggs... and not a calorie in sight

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You have to hand it to NokiMoki - having perfected his 'connect 4' clone for Symbian, he's producing a fair number of differently themed versions. We had Four In A Row Planets only the other day and, with the Easter weekend upon us, we now have a perfectly egg-cellent Easter Egg version of the game. Screenshots below - yes, it's another quid, but if you didn't pick up a previous version (there's also a Valentine edition, for example) then maybe this is the one to get?

Here's Four Easter Eggs in action:

Screenshot, Four Easter Eggs

Look familiar? It should. But full credit to the developer for putting effort into presentation and artwork. As before, the only thing to fiddle with is turning off the somewhat basic sound effects.

Screenshot, Four Easter Eggs

As before, the Connect 4-style AI is actually quite clever and will give you a challenging game - this is definitely not all eye candy...!

Screenshot, Four Easter Eggs

So colourful, so cute, so topical... Place your bets on the next annual celebration that NokiMoki will target?

You can buy Four Easter Eggs for £1 here in the Nokia Store. Or, you know, pick up one of the other themed variants instead?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store