Situations adds new conditions, new actions

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Situations is perhaps one of the best loved Symbian utilities, triggering off factors around you (e.g. network cell, location, time of day) and performing a number of actions/settings of your choice. This new v1.5.14 is a whole reworking of the application, in part because it's backported from the Meego/N9 version, which had received extensive experimentation over the last year or so. Details below...

The version 1.5.14 here is essentially a backport to Symbian from the 1.5.13 version for N9. There has been a lot of optimization, refactoring and such stuff that may or may not be directly visible to the user in the Symbian version. 

Here's the (huge) changelog for v1.5.14 (over the v1.1.4 around six months ago):

  • Faster application startup time
  • Network mode action (2g/3g/dual)
  • Display brightness action
  • NFC condition (a bit experimental due to lack of extensive testing on Symbian)
  • Downloadable localisations (provided by volunteers), currently available in German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian & Chinese (in addition to the original English & Finnish)
  • Advanced mode on UI that opens up some further options:
    1. Negative conditions (e.g. NOT at location)
    2. Activation timeout for most of the actions (this helps for example to launch several applications in certain order and/or fine tune any problems with conflicting actions)
    3. Restore previous value for most actions (remembers the previous value of a setting and restores it at situation end)
  • Newly created situation gets the creation time settings as actions (instead of being totally blank)
  • New data storage location & format for those who want to backup and/or share the data, hopefully also a bit more robust

Here's the new version of Situations in action:

Situations screenshotSituations screenshot

Good to see Situations being actively developed for Symbian again!; (right) setting up a 'Time' condition

Situations screenshotSituations screenshot

Adding a network cell condition; (right) the new mobile network mode action

Situations screenshotSituations screenshot

Being able to set display brightness is also new for this version; (right) as is the all important 'NOT' condition, which opens up new possibilities in Situations detecting what you're up to. In this case telling it that when I'm not at home (via location and network cell) then I'm 'Travelling'.

I'm sure your imaginations will run wild with these new conditions and actions, please do comment to let us know what new 'situations' you end up creating.

You can buy Situations here in the Nokia Store for £3, or grab the free 'Lite' version here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store