BeTrains a useful Belgian train guide

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Never let it be said that AAS is always UK-centric, we're happy to plug country-specific applications, even in another language, where appropriate. In this case, BeTrains, as the name perhaps suggests, is a live train look-up for the Belgian train network. It's somewhat barebones, but implemented in a dark theme, has up to date information and, hey, is open source and free as well.

BeTrains defines itself as “A handy mobile application for the Belgian train users. It lets you plan your trips very quickly and makes it possible to share messages with other users for a happy travel.” BeTrains for Nokia is an application under development, open for improvements and additions. It uses Qt QML to provide a clean user interface that shows all the needed details for a flawless train ride.

So looks like quite early in the development process then, but BeTrains is fully functional as far as it goes:


Trains departing from a single station; (right) trains arriving at a station....


Drilling down into another journey and (right) looking at train times for a specific journey...

Apologies for not knowing enough about Belgian trains to state whether all this is accurate or useful. I'm assuming it is, but would welcome comment from any Belgian Symbian users here!

You can download BeTrains for free here in the Nokia Store. If you can help add to the project, here's the source code.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store