Butterflies PhotoMatch more about learning than finger speed

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I'm not sure whether G Soft envisioned Butterflies PhotoMatch as a game first or a learning aid first, but it definitely leans more towards the latter. A trivial exercise in eyesight and finger coordination, far more pleasure is derived from the simple recognition and naming of almost 500 butterflies (yes, there are that many). If you're a keen lepidopterist (Google it!) then I bet even you can't name everything on display here....

Here's Butterflies PhotoMatch in 'action':


After dragging two images together to complete the eponymous 'match', the butterfly is popped up front and centre for a few seconds - great for apprecation and learning, not so good for timely gameplay... but then that's not, I suspect, the primary purpose here.


More butterflies than you or I ever realised existed!

You can buy Butterflies PhotoMatch here for £1 in the Nokia Store, or there's an ad-supported version here with just 100 butterflies that can be grabbed for free.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store