Shopper presents Google Shopping in palatable form

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Google Shopping has never been a perfect(ly comprehensive) shopping comparison site, but it is useful from time to time, for getting a rough idea for how much particular items are. It's hard to use from the Symbian web browser though, which is why Shopper looks useful, presenting Google Shopping data in much more palatable form. Screenshots and link below.

Here's Shopper in action. It's not clear whether it 'scrapes' the main Google Shopping pages or whether it uses an API, but it does seem to work:

Screenshot, ShopperScreenshot, Shopper

About a dozen countries/markets are supported - the dialog above scrolls(!); (right) the simple main menu - 'history', obviously, remembers what you've searched for, so that you can search again in the future.

Screenshot, ShopperScreenshot, Shopper

Let's try a few searches. "Nokia 808" brings up the usual Google Shopping list of variants - as usual with duplications, but this isn't Shopper's fault; tapping through brings up the description of the item in Google Shopping's database.

Screenshot, ShopperScreenshot, Shopper

Now to the list of vendors and prices. Quite a range - that price looks tempting; (right) tapping through brings up the vendor's web site with full details and ordering information.

Screenshot, ShopperScreenshot, Shopper

Let's try another search, for a printer...

Screenshot, ShopperScreenshot, Shopper

Again, simply pick a vendor and price and then tap through.

A helpful and competent front end onto a surprisingly useful Google consumer service. Certainly worth a quid in terms of the money it may save you when looking for something you know you want.

You can buy Shopper for £1 here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store