Tweetian gets big v1.7 performance and language update

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Tweetian is fast becoming one of the pillars of the Symbian freeware scene. As the name suggests, it's a Twitter client, and rather a splendid one, continually updated and improved. Version 1.7 is out today and incudes a multitude of performance tweaks, plus SkyDrive image previewing and the addition of extra supported languages (14 in total). Kudos to Dickson Leong, the developer. Oh, and Tweetian 1.7 is also now available for Meego devices, should you also happen to have an N9 handy...

Before heading into the Nokia Store to update, note that if you have v1.5 (or previous) already installed then you need to uninstall it manually before grabbing v1.7, since there was a minor compatibility break at v1.6.

Here's Tweetian v1.7 in action:

Screenshot, TweetianScreenshot, Tweetian

Good to see SkyDrive image previewing now in Tweetian...

Screenshot, TweetianScreenshot, Tweetian

Viewing a Twitter user's 'header image'; lightning quick loading of conversations...

From the developer's blog post:

Tweetian 1.7 Changelog

  • Mute now ignore letter capitalization - it will match the word(s) regardless of upper or lower case
  • Better and faster animation when switching between timeline/mentions/DM columns when using the tab buttons above (swipe still the recommended way for switching columns)
  • Add support for display multiple images from tweet
  • Add image preview for SkyDrive links (
  • Tweet conversation are loaded all at once instead of loading one by one
  • User Page redesigned: now able to view user's header image
  • Now support 14 languages (language will change according to your device's languge):
    • English (en)
    • Basque (eu)
    • Catalan (ca)
    • Chinese (zh)
    • Dutch (nl)
    • French (fr)
    • Italian (it)
    • Romanian (ro)
    • Russian (ru)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Turkish (tr)
    • Germany (de) - incomplete
    • Portuguese (pt) - incomplete
    • Polish (pl) - incomplete
  • Add option to copy DM
  • Improvement to thumbnails caching and loading performance
  • Improve text area & buttons layout in Mute tab
  • Improvement to autocompleter
    • now support insert word from autocompleter in the middle of the text
    • fix sometimes insert word at wrong position
    • the characters left count will automatically adjusted when the text insert with a link (link must be prepend with http:// or https://)
    • N950: show autocompleter when physical keyboard is opened
  • Add setting for changing which language for translate to (for tweet translation)
  • Harmattan: when app is in foreground, info banner will show instead of making a system notification for mentions/DMs
  • Bugs fix:
    • the user's @name is included when replying to a tweet
    • GPS keep active when leaving "Nearby Tweet" page
    • showing new DM everytime after startup even though there is no new DM
    • DM doesn't sort chronologically (in DM conversation, not DM thread)
    • "Load more" button sometimes not working/not visible
  • Improvement on the app overall performance

Great to see this Meego/Symbian Twitter client continually improved in such dramatic fashion!

Source / Credit: Dickson's Apps