Gravity update to 2.5 (in beta)

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Although in beta, anyone who's been on Gravity v2.0 for a while may be wondering what Jan Ole Suhr has been up to. Beavering away, as it turns out, we got wind of a big new version, albeit technically in beta. Version 2.5.7032 has a number of new features, including picture preview swiping, better 'pull to refresh' and a more stable internal browser view. 

GravityHere's the changelog for version 2.50.7032:

New Features & Improvements

  • In picture preview mode, swipe left / right cursor keys or use to browse all pictures
  • The Foursquare account preview shows your last check-in
  • "Pull-down to Refresh" has been improved (S60v5 and S ^ 3 / Anna / Belle)
  • The "Important" folder has-been removed from Twitter Accounts
  • When retweeting, the cursor is Positioned in front of the retweet for better editing

Bug Fixes

  • Hotfix / Work-around for the missorted tweets, mentions and DMs
  • Stale expired or Facebook accounts can be edited or deleted again
  • The embedded browser (S60v5 and S ^ 3 / Anna / Belle) is more stable now

Gravity is the much-acclaimed Twitter/Facebook/Google Reader (etc) client for Symbian and you can grab the latest beta at


Source / Credit: Nokialino