Opera Mobile 12.0.1 for Symbian released

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Following the release of Opera Mobile 12, version 12.0.1 has been released to address several issues. As such, there's no new features to be found, but it's worth upgrading for the number of bug fixes that Opera have made. Version 12.0.0 of Opera Mobile introduced the new smart speed dial page, which is presented much more like an app grid than a bookmarking system, which is a signficant upgrade if you're still on the version 11 branch.

The changelog for this update is as follows,

  • Improved performance of zooming animations and general responsiveness during page loading
  • Fixed web forms auto-submission
  • Fixed crash when signing in on twitter.com
  • Fixed HTML5 audio/video tags support (now report 319 + 9 bonus points on html5test.com)
  • Fixed a number of startup/shutdown crashes
  • Changes for font size in opera:config can now be saved 

    Known issues:
  • RTL is not fully supported in input fields
  • keypad navigation issues on touch devices with QWERTY keyboard

From our own testing, page scrolling looked to be extremely smooth, but zooming animations were still somewhat stuttered on our Nokia Belle N8.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

As ever, you can install the latest version by visiting m.opera.com on your Symbian devices.

Source / Credit: Opera Blog