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You may remember the niche, but lovingly constructed BabyFeed application that I reviewed last year? You might have seen that it also won an award in Nokia's "Calling All Innovators" contest in 2011? And also a 'top 10' award at the AppCircus show? Well, the developer, Hugo Lima, is back with an application that's even more niche - ReefLog Chemistry Calculator, detailed below. Plus some BabyFeed news.

(All this is worth a shout out here because.... Hugo bothered to write in and tell us about it. If you're a developer and would like a review or some news coverage, then drop us a line!)

There's now a BabyFeed version for the Nokia N9 and a brand new version for Symbian Belle with a new look compliant with the new Belle UI (using QtQuick UI components).

Hugo's new app, ReefLog Chemistry Calculator, is billed as "the ultimate tool for the reef aquarium-keeping hobby".

Keep track of all your reef aquarium parameters and calculate adjustments with ease!

- Multiple aquariums
- Log measurements of Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium parameters
- Calculates additives dosages based on current and desired values
- Over 20 different additive types with option to update
- Set dosage alarms, with automatic dosage intervals (e.g. divide by 3 days)
- Works on any Symbian^1 and newer devices like the Belle devices

ReefLog screenshot ReefLog screenshot ReefLog screenshot

  ReefLog screenshot ReefLog screenshot   


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