View your photos in a new way with Memories

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Memories is a photo browser, which has a unqiue circular control interface. At first glance it is just an arrangement of all the photos on your phone in a carousel, with photos accessed by swiping your finger round a circle. However, as you use the app, it also learns what are your favourite photos (which ones you look at the most).

Once enough data has been collected the application will provide quick access to these favourite photos by using a second interaction level - that of tapping bar indicators within the circle (see screenshot below). 

Memories ScreenshotMemories Screenshot

Memories has been developed by Fluid Interaction, the same company behind the Twitter client Different Track, which we reviewed here. The wheel interface is common between the two; it certainly takes some getting use to, but there's no denying it is a very quick way to access large volumes of information and data.

Memories can be downloaded for free from the Nokia Store for all Symbian^3 devices.

Nokia Store description:

Memories -- a photo browser that knows which photos You love the most. Browse your photos with the wheel, and Memories will automatically learn your favorites and provides easy access to Your best photos. Memories - the smooth, cool photo experience. Try it now, and make Memories unforgettable!