Spice Labs case study from Nokia Developer

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Nokia Developer's latest case study features Spice Labs, from India, a company that has developed numerous applications and games for Nokia's Symbian and Series 40 devices. Preshant Singh, Senior Manager of Alliances at Spice Labs, describes how Qt jas given them the flexibility to cover a wide range of devices and platforms.


Prashant Singh, Senior Manager of Alliances at India's Spice Labs shares insights about how the company works with Nokia when developing both their casual games and children's educational apps. Today, Spice Labs has 19 apps in Nokia Store for use on Symbian/Qt-enabled smartphones, as well as for Nokia Series 40 phones.

Recently, the company has been developing with Qt, which Prashant says "has been a big help for our app development processes, and reduced our time to market." He added that Qt gives them "the flexibility to cover a wide range of devices and platforms." Spice Labs puts a lot of effort into localizing their apps by language; and they work closely with Nokia to market their apps. At the same time, the company is remaining agile in their approach to app development, and have plans to develop for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones in the works. For more information, read this Nokia Publisher success case about Spice Labs:http://bit.ly/NokiaSpcLbs