Pico Brothers on the road to 100 million downloads

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Pico Brothers, one of Nokia Store's most prolific publishers, is well on the way to achieving 100 million downloads. This video, published by Nokia Developer, is a case study and interview with the two co-founders Niklas Karlström and Kristian Engsjö. Pico Brothers has a mixture of paid, free and ad supported apps and games, which have been downloaded in more than 200 countries.


The cofounders of Pico Brothers, Niklas Karlström and Kristian Engsjö, talk about all aspects of their apps business. The guys met while working at a telecoms company. Spurred on by the launch of Ovi Store (now Nokia Store) they took a bold leap into apps development, something that Kristian described as "exciting, and challenging, and a bit scary". But it took them only a couple of months to get to grips with developing for mobile phones. They now create most of their apps using Qt, in anything from a few hours to a month. Having already passed the 80 million download milestone they are looking forward to achieving 100 million downloads.