The N93 guide to the Symbian Smartphone Show 2006

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Armed with his trusty Nokia N93, Steve sets off around the Show to see what catches his eye...

While Rafe and Ewan were catching the keynotes and hearing the likes of Symbian and Sony Ericsson speak, I headed out and about with my Nokia N93, snapping pictures for the AAS photo-blog and doing a number of video interviews at stalls which caught my eye. The video clip is around 20 minutes long and features:

  1. Footage of the Samsung SGH-i520
  2. Interview with Brian Jaquet of SlingMedia, demoing Sling Mobile on a Nokia N73
  3. Footage of the LG JoY
  4. Interview with Antti Vihavainen from F-Secure, trying to persuade me of the continued need for anti-virus software on S60 3rd Edition 
  5. Interview with David Quin of ALK, demoing CoPilot Live on a Sony Ericsson M600i and a Nokia N70 and E50
  6. Interview with Dusan Babich of red FIVE labs, demoing the creation of a .net application that will run on both Windows Mobile and S60 devices without alteration
  7. Interview with the guys on the Scalado stand, demoing their compressed JPG image handling routines

For highest quality (including stereo sound), download as show2006.mp4 (60MB), or view below (30MB, lower bit rate, mono sound) in Flash format in your browser, it should stream OK on a 512kbps broadband connection: