The All About Symbian Expo Preview - (Part Four) The Stands on the Floor

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Symbian Exposium 2004In our final look at the Symbian Expo, we'll take you round the show floor and point out a few highlights that you must make sure you see. Of course, the first place you want to head for is the All About Symbian stand and pick up a copy of our Symbian Expo Guide for your phone to help you round the show (that's if you haven't downloaded it here). So after you've said hi to Rafe and everyone else, where should you be heading for?


Slightly south of the All About Symbian stand (oh what a hardship, we're one of the closest groups to the free coffee. How will we cope?), the UIQ Deli is a great place for informal meetings, having a quiet chat, making the odd phone call in a modicum of peace and quiet... plus Sony Ericsson are bringing along a fleet of mobile cars controlled by bluetooth powered phones - watch out for Jim and Ewan trying to recreate Silverstone round the pasta dishes (and Rafe trying to stop them).


Well, it is their Expo, so it's only right you pop in and pay them a visit. They'll haver a few strokey beard programmers hanging around looking out of place in shirts and ties, the occasional VP and Manager flying in to check on the phones between meetings, and a wide range of Symbian OS powered phones. There'll be bonus points if you can break the software in the phone - crashing counts, but breaking them doesn't (but don't balme us when the burly security guards take you away and lock in you a room full of SPV's). That should take a bit of skill.

PsilocPsiloc (Stand 42)

With a wide range of commercial applications, and a number of customisations and bespoke applications sold directly to businesses and GSM networks, Psiloc are one of the most successful Software Developers in the Symbian OS game. They'll be showing off both types of apps at their stand.

AppforgeAppforge (Stand 43)

Have Appforge made a difference to the Symbina OS programming enviroment with their Visual Basic and .Net (Crossfire) runtimes? Maybe not in the commercial sector, but it's made the job of IT Departments and Business System Integrators a lot easier. What is all the fuss about, and how easy is it use in real life. Pop by and find out. Check out their orange shirts too - you can't miss them!

PicostationPicostation (Stand 71)

Newcomers to the Symbian OS scene, they announced their Blog Client a few weeks ago - but it looks to support all the main blog interfaces, is well polished, and unless they have a Fairy Godmother, are putting out a fair amount of cash to get a stand at the Expo. Worth looking in on to see just what sort of a business a blog client on its own will sustain.

OperaOpera (Stand 72)

Of all the web browsers, in all the world, the Norweigians came up with this one. Perhaps there most important export after oil? Arguably the most popular web browser for mobile phones (not just Symbian OS, all mobile phones!) it continues to improve, add new features, and generally keep making it better. And Dag's lovely.

WileySymbian PressWiley / Symbian Press (Stand 75 and Stand 78)

If you need any sort of reference to Symbain programming, then you're going to reach for a Wiley / Symbian Press book. Covering C++ and Java in huge amounts of depth (and OPL during 2005, stay tuned!), they'll be launching some new books at Expo (Symbian OS Explained and PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS). They're also giving away two free books on a first come first served basis. Symbian OS Essentials and Symbian OS Smartphones for Dummies. Plus all the books are 35% off rrp during the Expo.

CibenixCibenix (Stand 96)

Another company with a good range of commercial software but who concentrate on the business and turn-key solutions. Since releasing the best selling Active Desk and Active Mail, they've been a bit quiet on the shareware front, but they're good people to know. Worth dropping in for a chat with people who know there stuff and have been involved with Symbian from early on.

EpocwareZingEpocware and ZingMagic (walking around a lot)

Rafe and I spent a long time pouring over the floor plans trying to find out where our friends from Moscow were. The answer was trivially simple. They couldn't confirm their attendance till last week, so they didn't get themselves a stand. So if you want to speak to them, you'll have to prowl around looking at everyone's name badge. Which is actually a worthwhile thing to do in general. You might want to watch from John Holloway from ZingMagic while you're at it. and

MacromediaMacromedia (Stand 108)

Flash is long rumoured to be turning up on Symbian OS - and most people in the industry ahve been taken to a dark corner and had some version of a Flash Runtime demonstrated to them under pain of death. Now they've stepped out into the light, so everyone go round and make this suggestion to them. Call it a runtime and it might be treated as a language, and not an animation script.

British Telecom (Stand 78a)

Once you get into the show, you'll want to tell everyone about it. If you're lucky, you're called Rafe Blandford and have a pass to get into the Press Centre. Otherwise you'll have to walk round and leech from BT's Wi-Fi demonstartion Hot Spot. I hope that the signal reaches the AAS Stand and our comfy chairs...

HandmarkHandmark (Stand 91)

They're big on the Pocket PC. They're big on Palm OS/ Now Handmark are moving into Symbian OS with some really major heavyweeight software titles. Time to explore and find out what they think as one of the companies that could give an overview of the whole mobile computing arena, and where Symbian OS fits in.