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List of video content from MWC related to Symbian as part of the AAS / Mobile Industry Review collaboration.

Here is a list of our video content from MWC. It's increasing all the time as we publish new video. We anticipate having about 70 or so entries in this list! This year All About Symbian (AAS) is teamed up with Mobile Industry Review (MIR) to bring you in-depth video coverage direct from Barcelona. We combined our resources to bring you in-depth content that we hope will inform, educate and entertain.

Videos from the recording day at the Symbian Foundation

Symbian completes move to open source - Lee Williams on the Symbian Foundation's EPL announcement.

Lee William's on Symbian^3 - Lee Williams on the 'official' Symbian^3 announcement.

Symbian's journey to EPL - Chris Davidson on EPL process and on the #symbiancountdown.

Wild Ducks fly with Beagle - a project to get Symbian running on off the shelf hardware (Beagle Board).

Julien Fourgeaud on Symbian's potential future directions - Symbian as a configurable, connected embedded system and importance of openness.

Scott Weiss on UI - changing UI experiences in Symbian^3, UI Workships and UI pattern library.


Videos from Mobile World Congress 2010

Video Introduction to our MWC video coverage - Rafe in front of the Fira fountains.

Lee Williams MWC walkabout - discussing the Symbian Foundation with Lee Williams on the show floor at MWC.

Anssi Vanjoki on Nokia N97 - commerical success, but user experience failure, how to solve, importance of Symbian^3

Anssi Vanjoki on Symbian, MeeGo and N95 form factor - open source as a software making model for the future, future primary input mechanisms (N95).

Anssi Vanjoki on the future of Symbian and MeeGo - what next for Symbian and MeeGo, maps as a generic UI, Nokia competitors, importance of openness.

Tero Ojanperä (EVP Solutions, Nokia) on solutions and strategy - interview from MWC.

Nokia's Christof Hellmis on Ovi Maps and location strategy - Ovi Maps goes free, thought process and the future.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Vivaz Pro shown off, UI changes - two video, one introducing the Vivaz hardware, the second showing some of the UI changes.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz - design choices, colours, compared to Vivaz Pro - series on in dpeth videos on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz.




These videos are also available in the All About Symbian YouTube channel.

This was made possible because of the support of the Symbian Foundation. However, I also want to underline that all editorial control remains with All About Symbian and Mobile Industry Review.