All About N-Gage's Mobile Site Guide

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Want to read All About N-Gage from your N-Gage? Here's what's available on the All About N-Gage Mobile site? Pretty much everything.

AAN MobileIntroduction

The All About N-Gage Mobile site can be viewed in any XHTML compliant browser. You might want to use it as a fast loading site on your desktop, but its main power is you can read All About N-Gage content directly on your N-Gage, either on the WAP/Services Browser, or through the Opera web browser. The URL is

At the launch of the Mobile Site, we're proud to present the most comprehensive mobile site for the N-Gage (of course the new N-Gage Arena is just around the corner, so that statement might not be true for long). During the design phase, we set ourselves a high goal - to present all the content of the full internet site on your N-Gage. And that includes reviews, Forum access and a whole lot more. What are we offering? Read on...


Probably the main reason to check any site is to find out what's going on in the world of your favorite little Game Deck. Our news section will give you the headlines and the full text of the last ten news articles posted (generally that should go back for around two weeks). You've also got the option to read news about the Series 60 platform or news about Symbian OS in general that could affect the N-Gage.


Our full N-Gage MMC Game Card database is online, and is available in two stages. The first lets you see a short description of the game, along with it's mini-icon we use on the site to identify it, It's split into Released, Announced and Rumoured games, plus we'll point out a few of the recent highlights and changes to the Games Database.

You can then click for more information to get the screenshtos, full text, and other links for each game.

Games Reviews

Want to know what the best MMC Game Card is while you're out and about shopping? All of our in-depth MMC Game Card reviews are available online. As well as the Game Cards, you can follow through and look at all the reviews for Installable Applications that will run on the N-Gage's Series 60 platform.

Feature Articles

Looking for a longer read? Our feature articles (such as this one!) are also available. All the N-Gage relevant articles are listed, along with the top three or four "recommended" articles - often the new articles, but sometiems the ones we are really proud of!


There are a million sites and adverts that offer you ringtones and wallpapers on the internet and in the back of your national tabloid newspapers. All About N-Gage is no different. Here you'll find a large (and free) collection of ringtones and wallpapers you can download directly onto your N-Gage, just by browsing to them from yuor N-Gage and following the instructions .

We've also some freeware applications for you to browse through.


Ah yes, the full All About Symbian Forum is here. You'll need to login with your username and password as before, and navigate to the N-Gage Forum (it's under Symbian Based Devices > Series 60 > N-Gage and N-Gage QD) but it's all here. Read, reply, make new posts, flame people (but gently, please) and watch what's happening no matter where you are.


If you'd like your site to be mentioned here, please email us. There's not a huge number of Wap / XHTML sites for the N-Gage, but when we find more, we'll list them here.

If you have any comments on the Mobile Version, please get in touch with the All About N-Gage Team.