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Going to the Symbian Expo? Fancy meeting up for an informal chat the night before with the All About Symbian crew, all our friends, and some demos of new technology and software? All over a nice beer? Maybe win your own 9500 Communicator? Then we'll see you at the Dover Castle on Moday 4th October.

All About Symbian Meeting - Monday 4th October, The Dover Castle, Central London

Tradition dictates that All About Symbian put on another of our regular meetings the night before the Symbian Expo, and 2004 is no exception. Be you a CEO, a tech head, an interested reader, or even one of the admin staff, you'll find a warm welcome, friendly conversation, and a good night out. As usual, we'll be in the function room of the Dover Castle in central London (details below)

The pub meets are relaxed social events, giving you the chance to meet up and talk with various people. Our last meet saw the pub bursting at the seams with excitment, so you'd be a fool to miss this one. With almost everyone involved with Symbian OS in town that night, we expect lots of alpha technology, software previews, and perhaps a few surprises as well

The AAS Team should be arriving at the pub for 6.30pm. We hope to see you there! (and yes, it's free entry for all)

What's Going To Happen

As well as lively chat and stimulating converstaion, we're also planning to have the following...

  • Rafe's "State of the Union" - What's been happening behind the scenes at AAS, and what's planned for the future.
  • Guest Speaker - Nokia will be coming along to make a presentation on the 9500 and 9300 phones, followed by a Q & A Session on the devices.
  • Free Prize Draw - With lots of great prizes and free software to be won
  • The Mystery Star Prize Bag! - Ooohhhh!!! The classic AAS raffle surprise prize returns

And yes, we really do have a Nokia 9500 to give away! Plus a whole load of other stuff.

The Dover CastleWhere to Find Us - The Dover Castle

Our thanks again go to The Dover Castle for hosting the event. Their details are as follows...

The Dover Castle
Weymouth Mews
Tel: 020 7580 4412

It's close to both Oxford Circus and Regent's Park Tube, just round the corner from BBC Broadcasting House. Here is the pub location courtesy of www.streetmap.co.uk.

Raffle Prizes

It's the biggest and the best raffle so far. No sachets of sugar or pinbadges here, nope we've got an actual phone to give away, with software, memory cards and books to go with it. Thanks to the following companies for helping us out with the raffle. It's a free raffle, we just ask you to use your business cards as your free ticket. If you'd like to donate a prize and get a mention in all the advertising and promotion of the Pub Meet, then drop us a line.

Nokia Enterprise N-Gage Sendo Symbian Press
Allack Cascata Epocware N-Gage User Opera Symbian One

  • Be one of the first people in the world to own a Nokia 9500 Communicator. Thanks go to Nokia for letting us give away one of the most eagerly awaited phones this year.
  • A bundle of stuff from Sendo, which we'll confirm shortly.
  • Choose one of any Cascata Games titles, for Series 60 or UIQ phones.
  • Epocware have put up one application and one dictionary for each platfrom (Communicators, Series 60, and UIQ).
  • A 512mb MMC Card, thanks to N-Gage User.
  • 5 lifetime licences to Opera's Mobile Accelerator, and a registered copy of Opera (if you need it).
  • Symbian Press have offered a shelf full of books from their catalouge, which includes a set of Programming C++ (Volume 1 and Volume 2), and the newly printed Programming in J2ME.
  • Symbian One have a copy of Nokia Press' Developing Series 60 Applications.
  • And (of course) don't forget the Mystery Star Prize Bag! Maybe you could check those button links and hazzard a guess? It's the best Mystery Star Prize we've had yet.
  • This year, we've also got a Mystery Star Prize Hiding Behind a Curtain, thanks to Allack.
  • Some uniquely desirable AAS merchandise.

It goes without saying that while everyone can enter the raffle, there are going to be a few people who we've decided won't be allowed to win the Communicator. For a start Rafe, Ewan and the rest of the senior AAS team don't get to win it. Neither do employees of Symbian or Nokia or any of the super big companies that have them already. And on this one, we're not open to bribery. Sorry.