The Top 20 Symbian games of the last three years

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Although games continue to appear for Symbian, as of late 2012, it's safe to say that most of the best ones have already now appeared - begging the question of which are/were the best, at least for the touchscreen generation? If you've just picked up a Nokia 808 then where should you start in your search for gaming? We're not talking thousands of top games, as on iOS, but there are still plenty of decent leisure titles that are well worth investigating. Here's a crowd-sourced top 20!

[NB. Where review links are given, click through to get the actual download or 'buy' links.]

In reverse order(!):

20. iBomber

A tower defense game with immense polish and refinement, reviewed here.

19. Mau Mau

The classic card version of 'Uno', immaculately programmed to work with either keypad, keyboard or touchscreen. Reviewed here.

Mau Mau Mau Mau

18. ZingMagic Chess V

The longest running chess franchise on Symbian and a tremendously polished game. Available here in ad-supported version and here as a commercial game.

Chess Pro V

17. Sky Force Reloaded Protoxide: Death Race

The best known shoot 'em up on Symbian never loses its blasting appeal. It seems there's an error on the Nokia Store for this, probably a result of an old install certificate. So - in a last minute substitution, let me put a vote in for another action game, Protoxide: Death Race, with stunning graphics and smooth 3D action. Amazing stuff. Here's my review.

Protoxide screenshot  

16. Raging Thunder 2 HD

A step too far, perhaps, in terms of game extras, but you can't fault the value proposition and graphics in this driving epic. Reviewed here.

Raging Thunder 2 screenshot

15. Monopoly Classic HD

The ultimate incarnation of a board game classic, brought right up to date, with electronic everything. Reviewed here.

Monopoly Classic HD

14. Tetris HD

Superbly implemented, it's Tetris, with several game variations. It's official, it's colourful and the gameplay will last a lifetime. Reviewed here.

Tetris on the N8

13. RealGolf 2011 HD

Pushing the graphics capabilities of the Symbian^3 generation phones to their limits, gameplay here isn't fabulously fast, but then this is golf - it's not supposed to be fast! Still a recommended game. Reviewed here.

Screenshot from Real Golf 2011 HD

12. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD

A stunning isometric RPG with all the trimmings. Reviewed here.

Dungeon Hunter

11. Need For Speed: Shift HD

The ultimate 'straight' street racing game for Symbian - very polished, very fast. Reviewed here.

NFS Shift

10. GT Racing: Motor Academy

And the equivalent for circuits, GT Racing is the most out and out realistic sports car racing sim on the platform and the one I keep coming back to because it's just so challenging... Reviewed here.

GT Racing HD on the Nokia N8

9. Slice Ice

The arctic logic slicing game that will frustrate for hours. Reviewed here.

Slice Ice! on All About SymbianSlice Ice! on All About Symbian

8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

The ultimate football game on Symbian. Arcade action, strategy, depth, it's all here. Reviewed here.

PES 2011

7. Dalton the Awesome

The best 'running' game, pursued by zombies, no less. Drawn graphics 'draw' you in, etc! Reviewed here.

6. Cut the rope

The cross-platform arcade puzzler, getting your head around strategy and split second timing in order to feed the monster... Reviewed here.


5. Micropool

The game I've played most over the last few years and, it seems, quite popular with Symbian gamers everywhere. The key to its success is a powerful interface and good AI to challenge yourself against. Reviewed here.

Screenshot Screenshot

4. Sparkle

Arguably the most polished game I've ever played on Symbian. Sparkle will amaze (and addict) you in every way. Reviewed here.

Screenshot, Sparkle

3. Fruit Ninja

Cross platform again, surely everyone's played this by now? Anyway, it's on Symbian and playing well.... Reviewed here.


2. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

The most popular car racing title on the platform, albeit one with powerups and other gimmicks - hey, it seems people like these! Reviewed here.

Asphalt 6 screenshot

1. Angry Birds

I've cheated slightly, since it wasn't clear by those voting as to which of the various Angry Birds titles they were voting for! But all are polished and well worth a look - also available for every other mobile platform, of course... For example, the 'Seasons' version is reviewed here. And here are the standard and Rio variants in the Nokia Store.

Angry Birds - Seasons